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I love creating digital products, technical communications, and am fascinated by everything having to do with digital entrepreneurship.

Currently, I'm working as an Education Engineer at MongoDB. I mostly document the Realm mobile database and Atlas App Services. Lately, I've been focusing on building out the docs for the Realm Flutter SDK and Atlas Functions.

Before this position, I was the first Technical Writer at TrueAccord, a fintech company. At TrueAccord, I created technical product documentation, established organizational best practices for technical writing, created compliance documentation, and more. I also served as Market Development Lead at Mavatar Technologies, a small Silicon Valley e-commerce startup. As Market Development Lead, I worked in close collaboration with Mavatar’s executive team on sales, marketing and content campaigns.

I also founded PerlWrite, a content creation organization, where I collaborated with startups to realize their content strategy in the form of website copy, eBooks, blog posts, email campaigns and more.

I’m a graduate of the App Academy online bootcamp, where I spent 6 months learning a whole bunch of technologies, programming fundamentals, and more. Prior to starting App Academy in February 2020, I had been studying programming independently using online resources like The Odin Project.

Prior to working in tech, I taught English in Seoul, South Korea and Cuenca, Ecuador.


You can find my resume here.

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When I’m not hunched in front of my computer coding or writing (though that is most of my life these days), I like to read, practice yoga (which I actually started to compensate for the back pain that all the keyboard hunching was causing, and have grown to quite like it, but I digress…), hang out with my friends, and get off the beaten path.

I’m also a passionate traveler and devoted believer in remote work. I have just returned to my native New York, but have spent the previous 4+ years living and working abroad.

I was most recently living 2 years in Medellin, Colombia where I enjoyed avocados the size of my head (see below), year-round perfect weather, practicing Spanish, and plugging away at my keyboard at the city’s many cafes which serve the world’s best coffee (a bold statement that I stand firmly by).