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Here are a couple of the projects that I'm most proud of and best demonstrate my technical ability. All projects listed here and more can also be found on my Github.

WTD Presentation

  • Why you should write code examples within unit tests
  • What you should test
  • How to implement tested code examples using Bluehawk
  • How to set up continuous integration tests to make sure that code examples always work

Technologies Used

JavaScriptBluehawkTestingTechnical Documentation


  • Built static site with GatsbyJS for performant UX
  • React for maintainable component based architecture
  • Contentful headless CMS for easy content management

Technologies Used


JavaScript Trivia

  • Client-side trivia game built with React for users to learn about JavaScript language
  • Public RESTful API serving JS trivia questions via Express server
  • Documentation on RESTful API usage
  • Parsed JS trivia questions from Markdown to JSON with a regex script to create over 1,000 question objects in 10+ languages

Technologies Used

JavaScriptNodeJSExpressMongoDBGatsbyJSHerokuMongoDB Atlas
  • Integrated Google Maps APIs to provide location-based search place name autocomplete, and location on map
  • Created engaging and mobile-responsive UX with startup ascetic using Material UI
  • Secured user account information using Firebase OAuth services and Firestore database rules

Technologies Used

ReactFirebaseFirestoreDBMaterialUIGoogle Maps API


  • Custom-built reusable sci-fi React components to complement Arwes framework and create immersive UX
  • Postgres DB based on schema of open-source Star Wars data sources
  • Flask backend to regulate CRUD functionality and ensure user data integrity

Technologies Used

PythonFlaskReactJavaScriptArwes UIPostgreSQLHeroku


  • Full-stack MERN app
  • Users explore the map featuring 581 artist visually & with dynamic search
  • Integrated with Google Maps JS API & Spotify Web API, state management with Redux, Material UI for design and more

Technologies Used

ReactNodeJSGoogle Maps APIExpressMongoDBSpotify Web API


  • Full-stack app with Express backend & server-side rendering Pug templates
  • Data served with RESTful APIs from PostgresDB via Sequelize ORM
  • Cookie-based JWT user authentication and Bcrypt password encryption

Technologies Used